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About Us

"Our Cane Corsos are part of our family."

Diyan Dyankov
About Us

Our Story

My wife and I have been dog lovers our entire lives… from kids to adults.
Just like dogs love to be part of a pack, we love being part of our family and friend groups and dogs have always played a major role in it.


Our passion became our mission with the very first Cane Corso we raised as part of our family more than 10 years ago.
Since then, we have built a lovely home for us and our dogs, where they have a spacious exercise yard, puppy play area, and a lovely view of the beautiful surrounding mountains.


Dogs have high energy, so do we! We invest significant time, love, effort and care when raising healthy, clean breed dogs. And this is our first priority.


We believe in improving form and function by purposeful breeding, properly training and socializing our dogs.


We take our role and responsibility as a breeder extremely serious – raising the newborn puppies in-home, sleeping in the room with the new mothers and puppies during the first weeks before moving outdoors and closely screening potential families to find the right home for each of our puppies. We have made people happy across the Globe with their new family members and still continue to provide health and training information to them.


Specializing in Cane Corsos for over 10 years now our Kennel has become a recognized and trusted expert in the cane corso breed.


Our Family

Meet our Cane Corso family with some photos.