Cane Corso Lions Blood Kennel

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Phone Coaching


Online Or Phone Consultation

We’re also offering online or trough phone consultation for all your questions or needs. We will do our best to help with all your needs. 

Behavior Consulting

If you have a dog with a behavior or training problem, I can help by phone and/or chat with tips, tricks and training programs.

Diet Holistic Consulting

If you need help with allergies, picky eaters, diet questions, raw diet, natural cures and homeopathy I can also help you out with these things.

Breeding Questions

If you need help with whelping, socialization, diet, mating and genetics I would be happy to help you out. I have more than 10 years experience on this .

Standard Consulting

For all your other questions or needs I would be happy to help you out. Trough phone or chat I can consult and help with all your needs.


Pricing For Consultation

Money for the service can be transferred trough Bank Transfer, PayPall, Crypto, Western Union and Money Gran.